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Machinery & Technical Specialties

The American Society of Appraisers is the oldest appraisal society in the United States. ASA has been training professional appraisers since its precursor, the American Society of Technical Appraisers, began in 1936. Today, ASA is still the country’s only multidisciplinary appraisal society, providing its members the most solid grounding in the appraisal principles that underlie all classes of property: real, personal, tangible and intangible.

In a word, that’s lineage. Because ASA is a non-profit professional society, we explore the principles of valuation as they evolve from basic economic theory and legal precedent in an atmosphere of collegiality and exploration, with instructors who are leaders in the profession.

ASA is the acknowledged leader in machinery and technical specialties (MTS) appraising and includes members who perform market or liquidation value appraisals for various purposes such as sale, acquisition, taxation purposes, eminent domain, collateralisation, insurance or residual forecasting.

Our titleholders (Accredited Members and Accredited Senior Appraisers) are among those that consumers trust the most. Three-quarters of a century in appraisal education count when you want the finest service in MTS appraising. Contact one of our accredited appraisers and you’ll find out that lineage means … excellence in machinery and technical specialties appraising.

What is an appraiser?

When it comes to appraising, there is no room for error. Often lives are impacted by the outcome of a professional appraisal.

About MTS

MTS appraisers include members who perform market or liquidation valuations for various purposes such as sale, acquisition, taxation purposes, eminent domain, collateralization, insurance or residual forecasting. The MTS discipline is comprised of several specialties.


This appraiser specializes in developing current and projected market values for used reciprocating engine aircraft and turbine-powered aircraft, as well as all types of airline equipment and aviation support equipment, such as spare parts, special tools and ground support equipment.

Computers and High-Tech Personal Property

These specialists appraise all types of computers, from small personal computers to the largest mainframes, and all of their related components. They appraise complex electronic equipment including everything from large telephone switching systems to oscilloscopes, from medical and dental equipment to small hand-held instruments to X-ray machines and CAT scanners.

Cost Surveys

Appraisers in this specialty are involved mainly in allocating value among the various components of real property and personal property in commercial and/or industrial settings. They are experts in the cost method of valuation (required for insurance coverage), insured loss analysis, accounting and tax allocation in mergers, acquisitions and other forms of business sales.


The industrials appraiser values the property, plant and equipment of heavy industry and the process industries, including, but not limited to, oil refineries, steel mills, smelters and mineral mills, extrusion and sheet and plate manufacturers. In such operations, it is extremely difficult to separate the values of the real property, machinery and equipment and intangibles in a meaningful way, yet the appraiser must consider both total and component values.

Machinery and Equipment (M&E)

Appraisers in this specialty are professionally qualified to evaluate all types of industrial properties; machine shops; refineries; hospitals; communications facilities; transportation equipment; process facilities; construction equipment; office machines; as well as the entire contents of buildings. The M&E appraiser provides estimates of fair market value in use and valuation for ad valorem tax purposes. Additionally, equipment analysis for future and residual values is fast becoming one of the more common assignments for today’s M&E appraiser.

Marine Survey

Both commercial surveyors and yacht surveyors practice under this specialty. They perform damage surveys and appraisals detailing descriptions of the nature and extent of damage to yachts, larger vessels or marine cargoes and recommend and estimate repairs to restore property to its prior condition. Similarly, surveys and/or appraisals are required to determine condition and value upon sale of yachts, small craft and ships.

Mines and Quarries

These specialists are concerned with the value of mineral reserves (other than oil and gas) whether available through surface or underground mining or quarrying operations. Coal, industrial minerals (talc, bentonite, clay and limestone) and construction materials (sand, rock, gravel and marble) are valued by engineering/mathematical methodologies for purposes of taxation, property sale and litigation.

Oil and Gas

These valuation experts are concerned with the value of hydrocarbon reserves under the surface of the earth. They also determine values of various types of interests in minerals, subsurface leases and unexplored properties. Often with backgrounds in engineering, geology and mathematics, these appraisers are concerned with present and future values in an environment of economic and technological uncertainty.

Public Utilities

These appraisers estimate both tangible and intangible values for properties in connection with rate case studies, sale or acquisition, eminent domain (condemnation), property tax appeals and insurance placement. This specialty requires special knowledge in order to take into account the unique economic and value characteristics of public utility properties and to properly recognize regulatory factors that influence value conclusions.